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Twinova is an experienced web design and hosting provider that understands the Chinese web landscape. We combine our web design and hosting solutions to create a fast and culturally-relevant website experience for the Chinese audiences.

We are Chinese Internet Experts!

Optimized Chinese Website Designs

China’s online environment is different from the Western one. Our decades of combined web design experience translates in designing a website which is truly-optimized for the Chinese audiences and internet landscape.

We offer website design services that are tailor-made for the Chinese market. Projecting your online corporate identity using modern tools is our specialty. The final project will embody features we consider fundamental for you to reach your goals in China.

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  • Adapted to Chinese

    We use proprietary technologies and techniques to make your website perform better for Chinese audiences and Chinese search engines.

  • Responsive Website

    We make your website responsive to different screens thus creating a good mobile experience for your visitors. A mobile site is also beneficial for good rankings in Google and Baidu.

  • WeChat Compatible

    Your website is embeddable into the WeChat platform. Your website will complement your WeChat Official Account nicely, allowing you to expand your digital strategy through the WeChat ecosystem.

  • Baidu-Optimized

    Your on-site SEO is well coded for the Baidu search engine ranking algorithm. This will ensure a good start for better ranking on Baidu.

  • Fast China Access

    Hosting your site in China means maximizing your engagement with your Chinese visitors and improving your conversion ratio. A fast-loading website ranks well on Baidu.

  • Wordpress Website

    The Wordpress CMS is a strong foundation on which we add customized features and plugins in order to meet your needs. It is easy to update and integrate with different platforms.

Fast Chinese hosting

We can host your website on servers either in mainland China or Hong Kong, depending on your situation. After having a discussion with you we will suggest the better hosting solution for your current situation.

HongKong Hosting

China Hosting

Our Hong Kong servers have the fastest dedicated China Telecom bandwidth to mainland China. Our premium bandwidth sets us apart from the other Hong Kong hosting providers out there. Benchmark comparison are available upon request.

Our China servers are located in Chinese BGP4 data centers. This will allow your websites to be smoothly accessed by Chinese visitors from different Chinese telecom operators. It is the best option on the market if you have a local entity presence in China.

No ICP Beian License Needed

Local Entity Presence Needed

Managed Wordpress Hosting

ICP Beian License Assistance

20-90ms PING time across all China

Managed Wordpress Hosting

China CDN available

China CDN available

A fast-loading website ranks well on the local search engines. Owning a fast loading website assures you a premium advantage over your competitors with slow loading websites. Every millisecond literally counts for Baidu, China's defacto search engine!

Chinese Website Localization

We assist you in localizing a version of your website for the Chinese netizens. Depending on your current situation and your needs we will come up with a proposal that will fit into your marketing department workflow.

Some of the typical questions we ask are:
  • Do you have a local Chinese presence?
  • What are your website goals?
  • Do you have in-house employees who can manage Chinese content?
  • Should we work with your in-house web team or web development contractor?
  • Is your website transactional or informational?
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  • Situation
    and Needs Analysis

    Your website is unique and we will walk you through our methodological analysis to determine how you should localize your website for China.

  • Website

    We offer performance hosting service in Hong Kong and China. Your website will load blazingly fast to Chinese visitors.

  • Website
    Code Localization

    We adapt the coding of your website to the Chinese online environment. Code and libraries that are blocked in China will be replaced with identical alternatives that are not blocked.

  • Content

    We work with you to have your content translated that are culturally relevant and specific to your Chinese audiences.

  • Media

    Your media files will appear on the equivalent Chinese platforms. This will make them accessible to the Chinese netizens to use and share.

  • Content/Media

    When you upload new content/media on the primary (global) website, it will be automatically synchronized with that on your Chinese website.

Who we work with

Our clients are proof of our expertise. Take a look at our portfolio, in each case we were able to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for their website, resulting in a website that solves their marketing needs.


Twinova was a supplier for us on a theme template project. Based on our needs, they provided the elegant design, and delivered quality implementation. According to my experience, this company is competent in the areas involved for this project. Moreover, the communication between us was smooth, and service from them was also nice, e.g. they addressed our feedback patiently and timely.

Twinova provided fast solutions to our problems, they have extended knowledge on what they are doing, it’s a pleasure to deal with talented professionals that work with passion and patience with non-tech clients, the communication is clear and the work delivery beyond expectation! I would highly recommend.

Twinova helped me to solve the problems with my company's website speed- specifically hosting and getting ICP license. One thing I liked the most is that they explained the problem to us very clearly and made the process go smooth and fast. I would like to recommend Twinova to people who need get ICP license and hosting services, as we are happy with solution Twinova provided for us.


As a WFOE we were looking for a service provider in China for VPS server and ICP license.I came across Twinova’s Website on the Internet, that I liked a lot. They always replied fast, nearly 24/7 – so very good service. They kept me informed about the status quo with ICP and were transparent about the process. I am very satisfied with their service and can recommend them to other foreign companies building up a business in China.

About Twinova

We are a multi-national team that spans multi-disciplinary fields to offer you the best solutions and consultancy for your digital presence in China. Over the years we have serviced customers ranging from global corporations to small businesses. For Twinova, every project is tailor-made so it can meet the needs your business has on the Chinese market. We pride ourselves with an extensive attention to detail and personalized online solutions.

We mix in every Twinova project our expertise for digital projects and Chinese online environment. Our team is made of passionate online experts from different countries, who understand your Western concept and who have the know-how to apply it in an effective and appealing manner for the Chinese netizens.

Design, code and research are our middle names. We speak Baidu and Google, communicate on WeChat, Skype, Facebook, Weibo and Twitter and sing-along to YouTube and Youku. At Twinova you get the best worlds in one unique mix of knowledge, skills and creativity.

  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Kazakh
  • Romanian
  • Malay

Let’s work on

a new website
  • a new website
  • a website makeover
  • making my website faster
  • localizing my website
  • an idea
  • a project
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Let’s work on

a new website
  • a new website
  • a website makeover
  • making my website faster
  • localizing my website
  • an idea
  • a project
  • something awesome


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